New to Yoga

Level 1 classes are where you start. It's perfect for beginners to learn the basics and work with mobility and stability. You'll let go of tension, build body awareness and a sense of empowerment.


Level 1-2 and Level 2 classes will take you from the known to the unknown. You'll build on your skills, rise to some new challenges and also feel into what the body needs.


One day and multi-day workshops are offered, covering various areas of focus, like expanding and deepening your practice, and guided sequences for common problems.

Advanced Practice

You'll continue to surprise yourself in Level 2-3 as we explore more inversions with variations and deeper backbends and forward bends. Yogasana is practiced as "meditation in action".


This is the yogic practice of breath work, which focuses on the extension and expansion of prana/life force energy. Take this journey inward and experience harmony at a cellular level.

Private Lessons

It's just you and me, either by Zoom from your home or in person at mine. I'm here to customize an approach for your specific needs and show you a way to progress mindfully.

Shelley T
Creation of Space

I have been very fortunate to be a student of Krisna's over several years. I appreciate many things about her, such as her skill, experience, wisdom, groundedness, integrity, devotion, and commitment, but perhaps just to say this is the essence: Krisna's teaching is never too much, and never too little, and in that is the creation of space, space for me to learn, to listen more closely and experience my yoga practice, my self. The light she shines is constant.

Shelley T

Why Iyengar Yoga?

In a nutshell:

One of the most brilliant features of this type of yoga practice is ANYONE can do it. The practice can be adapted to all kinds of situations. You can be "stiff as a board", feeling great, pregnant, anxious, tired, wired, name it, you can be accommodated. The use of props and a number of creative approaches makes this accessible to all. Krisna gives pose options in the regular classes for common challenges and will customize the best approach for your needs and goals.

From lesson to lesson you will find that we build on previous skills and awarenesses. You'll not just do a "repeat performance" of what you did last class —you will get the reinforcement of the foundation and gradually increase your flexibility, stamina and stability. New content is injected into each lesson, so you will continue to open new inner vistas! The subject of Yoga is vast. This is more than just exercise — you'll find that you also build emotional strength to weather the storms of life and sharpen mental clarity with consistent practice.

Some of us have become disconnected with our body and the present moment, which leaves us feeling uninspired and exhausted. The practice of yoga refreshes the awareness of the present moment, getting out of the past and the future and into the body NOW. You'll refresh your appreciation for this body and this life by working with what you've got, moment to moment. This brings physical rejuvenation—you feel good! The cells of the body have a chance to REALLY live before they die! Who doesn't want mental/emotional refreshment , a clear head and a warm heart? Exhale...and stress dissolves.


Your questions — answered here

What do I need to start yoga?

A few simple things will get you started...1. a sticky yoga mat. There are many mats on the market these days and some are a bit thicker, travel mats are thinner. Important thing is that it has a grip to it. 2. t-shirt and shorts or leggings. Best is to dress in a way where the action of your legs can be seen by you and Krisna, and a shirt that will stay in place. 3. There are some other items that are recommended, such as 2 blocks( wood, cork or dense foam), a yoga strap and some firm blankets (like cotton or wool that fold nicely). A chair is also very useful, and these can be discussed in your first lesson if you have further questions. If you have nothing— we can start with that!

There are so many types of yoga, how do I know this is what I want?

Best way to find out s to try a few classes. Not two classes are alike, so best to try more than one to get a feel for it. This is not what we call "vinyasa flow" although Krisna will put in some from time to time. The emphasis is building awareness in the body while increasing your flexibility and strength. It's a great method if you like to work with alignment principles and want to explore many different asanas. Contact Krisna if you have specific questions.

What are live online classes like?

Basically, the teacher comes to you through your laptop, tablet or TV! You can set up your device in your own space and Krisna will demonstrate and do the class along with you, providing detailed instruction and adaptations/suggestions for upscaling your practice. No commute, but you still get the connection with a live teacher in real time. Many people found this helps them to start or reinforce their home yoga practice.

What if I'm not flexible?

That's WHY many people come for yoga -- to improve their flexibility, which can help decrease the risk of injury in everyday life. We "work" to get more flexible, it is not a requirement. Nor is it a requirement to be "already" fit or strong. We all start where we are, and you'll surely be amazed at your own progress as the classes roll on.

What is video-on-demand and how is it different from live online classes?

Video-on-demand means you can rent a recorded class or workshop anytime you want, and do it at your leisure. The rental period is 24 hours. You won't have the live teacher, but Krisna is teaching students (you won't see them)--and you will hear her giving suggestions and corrections that could apply also to you. A great option if the schedule doesn't line up, and they are also at a lower price point than the live classes.

Do you play music in class?

No, I do not play music in class. There are a few reasons for that. 1. Music can be a distraction. In my classes, I aim to engage in the present moment, calling your attention to precise locations in the body. Our world is already full of distraction, so we are using this time to unplug from all devices and just simply be with ourselves on the mat. 2. For some people, they can really get into a groove with the music, but for others, the choice of music can grate on their nerves. It is hard to find music that everyone enjoys. Feel free to do your solo home practice with the music you love.