Livestream Online Classes

You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the benefits of yoga practice.  Classes are live and small enough that Krisna sees everyone and is able to provide helpful feedback and options when needed. Second best thing to being in the room together!

Level 1: this is a beginner level course where you build your strong foundation. You’ll get familiar with the basic yoga poses (asanas), and learn about key actions in each pose. 

Level 1-2:  We take that strong foundation from Level 1 and continue to build on it, refining the actions and intelligence in the asanas. More challenging poses are introduced and modifications are always given which makes it a good general level class.

Level 2: this is an intermediate class for experienced practitioners. Building on a strong foundation, we are refining our awareness and delving into deeper backbends, forward bends and twists. Inversions are also included as staples of this class.

Level 2-3: This is an intermediate + course for people with years of yoga practice who want to further refine and explore the more advanced asanas from Level 3 syllabus. It is expected that you have some familiarity with the Sanskrit names of the asanas and use of props.

Pranayama: this is the subtle art of yogic breathing. This hour starts with a pose or two to quiet the senses and prepare for the breath work. We practice both supine and seated pranayama. Fingernails must be cut short for digital pranayama. Minimum 6 months yoga experience before starting this class.

Gentle: we take a slower pace with a little more care, more supports, and focus on good posture. A good fit for those who have more physical challenges, are older, or not used to physical exercise.

Sadhana: these sessions, whether one day or many days long, are guided and quiet practices. They are not “instructional” but some basic guidance is given. Not suitable for absolute beginners, one must be familiar with the basic asanas. Modifications are given.

Meditation: This supportive space for meditation will be guided for the first 7-10 minutes, followed by glorious silence. No charge.

Private lessons: one-on-one lessons with Krisna are suitable if you want a private introduction to yoga practice or if you want to work on advancing your practice in a specific direction. Private lessons are ideal when you wish to use yoga for therapeutic reasons or for working out the best adaptations of classical poses for your body/mind complex.

Krisna is a compassionate teacher. She will meet you where you are and help you move along the path of Yoga. No one gets left behind. You might go farther than you thought you were able to but regardless, Krisna will help you to develop contentment with wherever you are. Because it’s not about doing the final pose - because everybody cannot necessarily achieve that. But you “do” something so that you can move beyond the physical and focus on all the rich inner work—antaranga and antaratma sadhana. This is the real gift – the gift of Yoga.